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I'm truly impressed with the customer service at Giganews. I've had connectivity issues in the past that turned out to be a result of my ISP having issues, but your tech support worked with me through all of it and are really top notch.

Ryan - Pompano Beach, Florida

Reliable....Perfect! Your 24/7 Support always helped out when i needed it. Fast and easy to understand solutions in your E-Mails. Your Price for your Service is as cheap as possible! Keep up the good Work! Thank you for this great Service. Your Fan from Austria!

Joachim - Grosspesendorf, AT

Very reliable and high retention. Also best customer support!!

Michael - Southside, Tennessee

Super fast customer support. So fast the problem does not have time to resolve itself.

Robert - Cleveland, Ohio

Giganews has consistently provided top speed, incredible retention backed up by swift and effective customer support.

James - Tallahassee, Florida

I like the fact that there is a 1000 days retention. I like how the support helped me getting my VPN working and how motivated he was to get this working for me. I like that I never had any problem with the availability of the servers even though I have a good download speed. I am a really big fan of Giganews, I recommend it to all of my friends.

Tran - Sarcelles, France

Giganews is the fastest, easiest, most secure, best priced, and most reliable newsgroup service that has ever been! Tech support is outstanding and *fast*!

David - Santa Monica, California

I have used tech support twice both times response was lighting fast. Nice to communicate with knowledgeable support pepole.

Glen - Nanaimo, Canada

I have used a couple of other providers but none of them compare to Giganews. Their customer support is superb and they always do their best to resolve your problem as soon as possible. Besides having the best retention and providing SSL encryption, VYPRVPN with L2TP surpasses all VPN services out there. Thank you for continuously providing great services to the community.

Glenn - Norwalk Connecticut

Giganews support team answered my email for help within 5 minutes of sending the thing. This is why I think Giganews is the best!!!!

Thomas - Bellville, Ohio

Been with Giganews for over 4 years and NEVER had an issue connecting to the service. Best retention rates, excellent charge rates, easy search and wonderful support when I needed help getting connecting/resetting passwords - Thanks for it all!

Paul - Aurora, Colorado

Giganews has been fantastic in responding to any questions I had regarding service. Support staff has been fantastic and best of all download speeds have been amazing on Mimo!

Dan - Milpitas, California

Customer support is great, fast response time and serious professionals, really high speed connections, great retention, ssl, you are the best, no doubt

Tomas - Esplugues De Llobregat, Spain

you have the best support ever

John - Oslo, Norway

Giganews has provided me with a superior service, with unprecedented customer support.

Tyrone - South Fremantle, Australia

I like this service because they have the best technical support on the planet.

Gregg - Astoria, New York

Giganews support has always answered and solved my queries very quickly and efficiently. You can always judge an organization by the quality of their support team and in this regard Giganews always comes up trumps.

Gary - Tonbridge, United Kingdom

The best part about Giganews, aside from the fact that it has nearly 1000 days retention and is very fast, is that they have a great customer support team and of all the news hosting companies I tried Giganews was the most friendly and helpful.

Michael - Milwaukie, Oregon

I have been using Giganews for a few years now. I only needed to contact support once and my issue was resolved with prompt reply, great customer service.

Paul - Adelaide, Australia

In the unlikely event of needing it, the support is blazingly fast and always the correct answer in the first reply. No autoresponders saying “visit website” is also a major advantage in comparison with cettain other companies.

Adrian - Hamiville, LU

What stands out about giganews is not 1000 days retention, but its dedication to customer service and support. Any issue big or small and giganews is there.

Ian - Hartlepool, United Kingdom

The dependability of the service and the customer support. I've been a diamond member for years, and I can't think of a time when it's been down. Plus every time I've had a tech support issue they have responded in minutes to me, which is service you just don't see on the web anywhere!

Rick - St. Clairsville, Ohio

Giganews continues to provice the best service and prove it by providing new features available to diamond customers. I have contacted the support for a rather simple question and was impressed by their speed on the return answer.

Christopher - Madison, Wisconsin

Giganews speed and retention are second to none. And for those incredibly rare times when there is a small issue, their support staff is amazing. I love giganews!

Sean - Ipswich, Massachusetts

Giganews is by far the best Usenet I've used. I started using Giganews while I was deployed in Iraq, and I never looked back. Tech support was incredible, and having access to a usenet server in Europe made sure I had the best connection while I was deployed.

Edward - Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

I have been using Giganews for years, everything has been fine. I had to talk a few times to the support people, mainly for password recovery purpose, and I have really been astonished%3A problem answered and solved after a few minutes only, like if someone was waiting for my email.

Francois - Perignat-les-Sarlieve, France

Giganews has the very best tech support anyone could ask for. 24/7 help is actually detailed and helpful as a result. The Giganews support team is knowledgeable even in the more obscure areas of their service such as the Vyper VPN service and it's proper setup in my computer.

Craig - Santa Rosa, California

Best Support Hands Down !!! Secure VPN connection and unthrottled Speed of 17 Mb/sec on my Fiber Optic Connection. Nice Work Guys.%0D%0A%0D%0AKeep Up the good work. Thank You

Hicham - Paris, France

Giganews has always been there with the answer. Questions DO NOT go unanswered with their tech support. THE FINEST in the business.

Warren - Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

Giganews has BY far the most responsive, most professional and most efficient customer support service on the market ! it never took more than an hour for me to get an answer to my trouble ticket, with a resolution within 2 to 3 hors max you've constantly improved your product and provided diamond members with great new features like Mimo and vyprVPN for free when you could've probably tried to get a few bucks out of each one of these.

Taha - Casablanca, MA

I love giganews its has best support that i ever seen if you any problems with giganews just email to their support and they will answer almost instantly. I have been giganews customer for almost 3 years and will still continue be.

Pekka - Espoo, Finland

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