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A news server is a computer in a Usenet network which is involved in the process of managing Usenet articles. News servers are responsible for storing or exchanging newsgroup articles with other news servers as well as establishing an interface for users to download and post articles. The overall performance of a news server depends on factors which affect all computers, namely hard drive storage, processor speed, and available capacity.

Giganews utilizes a clustered news server environment to maximize performance, redundancy, and availability. This patent pending Usenet system allows Giganews to store multiple distributed copies of the news feed in a manner which allows for seamless recovery in the case of individual news server failures. The result is an extremely efficient and reliable service with global redundancy over infinitely scalable infrastructure.

News servers are generally responsible for three aspects of Usenet article management:

Feeding: a news server can exchange articles with other news servers

Storage: a news server can be responsible for holding articles

Reading: a news server can also serve articles to a member's news reader via the NNTP protocol"

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